Jason photographHi, I’m Jason. I am fully qualified in Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy – something I’m truly passionate about particularly as Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy helped me get to where I am today.

Before I began my career in hypnotherapy I worked full time and enjoyed it immensely, particularly meeting and mixing with different people. Listening to their stories and lending a helping hand whenever I could made my time extra rewarding.

Then, thanks to the financial crash, work began to quieten down. This had an enormous impact upon me. Life was getting harder. The things I used to enjoy didn’t appeal anymore. I had no ‘get-up-and-go’ which I have always had. My enthusiasm had slowly vanished and I began to turn inward; depression had struck.

I knew, after probably too long, that I had to turn full circle and seek help to break free from what seemed like an ever-revolving circle of misery. I heard about Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy through a friend who had sought help in the past and highly recommended it. But like so many, I was sceptical; How could hypnotherapy possibly work?

Rather than resort to the usual prescribed medications I decided to find out more about Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy. After reading many people’s experiences I found one aspect really appealing – Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy is designed not to mask the issue, like drugs do, but it finds the root of the problem.

I couldn’t ignore it and was so intrigued and desperate I gave it a try. After having a few sessions I was truly amazed. My mood was lifted, I found myself enjoying life again, and I’d become the old Jason again.

From that moment, not only did my outlook upon life change, but my career path did so too. I have always enjoyed helping others, and this was my chance to do something worthwhile, productive and rewarding with my life. I began a series of courses, attended lectures and absorbed all the information I possibly could, ultimately gaining the accredited qualifications to proudly call myself a Solution Focussed Hypnotherapist.

I know full well that every day in life you can come up against different challenges and sometimes these challenges can have a real impact upon you and the way you live your life. This is where Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy can help, and stabilise an otherwise rocky, winding and uphill road through life.

Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, weight loss or any other challenges life in the 21st Century can throw your way, Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy can help. I truly believe in the power of Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy having witnessed it before my very eyes, and if you give it chance, so will you.

Every client must be comfortable and relaxed in order to gain the best from each session, and for that reason I am happy to hold sessions at your premises.

Jason Greeves

DSFH HPD MNCH (reg) AfSFH (reg)


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