Here, at Jason Greeves Hypnotherapist, I specialise in treating a wide variety of problematic addictions.

If you are suffering with an on-going addiction – no matter how much of an affect it has on your life – I will be able to help.

Often, the medical profession can try to treat addictions, and there are many centres and clinics available to help you discuss your addiction with like-minded people, but all too often the sufferer is left carrying the initial underlying problem that caused the addiction in the first place. That’s where I can help – I use Hypnotherapy to find the source of the addiction and help combat and treat it.

I can help you with the following addictions:


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Eating Disorders

Weight Loss

Stuttering and Stammering


Nervous Twitches or Tics

Nail Biting


Please contact me on 07808 034663 to discuss your situation and I will be only too happy to suggest a treatment course that will be tailored to suit your needs.

© Jason Greeves Clinical Hypnotherapist 2015

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