Hynoptherapy to Stop Smoking

Stop smokingIf you’re struggling to quit cigarettes or cigars, I offer a single 2-hour Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy session that requires no initial consultation beforehand. It will provide all the ammunition you need to make your life healthier and your bank balance heavier.

In fact both Which? and New Scientist magazines state that Hypnotherapy is by far the most effective technique for helping people kick the habit without feeling cravings, without gaining body weight, and without becoming frustrated and irritable.

The benefits far outweigh the cost of using Hypnotherapy to stop smoking:-

You will quickly feel much healthier once you stop inhaling nicotine, smoke and the large amount of poisons it contains.

Your body will instantly begin to repair the damage you have done over the years, making you feel far fitter, more energetic and even more attractive, particularly as you won’t smell of stale cigarettes.

Your confidence levels will rise dramatically, especially knowing that you have conquered one of the most addictive habits people have.

You will begin to increase your lifespan now that you begin to recover and lessen the chance of suffering heart complaints and even lung cancer.

You will have an abundance of spare cash that is yours to do as you wish, from little treats to huge holidays that you would never be able to afford otherwise.

Your ball and chain will be removed and you will no longer be clock watching, waiting for the chance to pop outside for a quick fag, or suffering frustration that you are unable to smoke due to today’s laws.

Attend our 2-hour session, costing £170, and you will be supplied with a self-hypnosis CD that you can use at your free will to help ensure you remain cigarette free and your stress levels remain low.

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