Hypnotherapy to Control Fear of Flying

FlyingWith flying being statistically the safest form of transport, it’s a real shame that so many people are afraid to fly. Fear of flying, or aerophobia, can prevent many people holidaying with their families, or even call a halt to a potentially lucrative overseas business deal. It’s a very common affliction that does affect around one in ten people.

Sometimes it’s the claustrophobic atmosphere of airplanes, sometimes it’s the fact that you’re not in control of the circumstances, or possibly it’s just sheer fear of the unnatural process of journeying by air that causes the problem, but the good news is that it’s treatable using Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy.

Whenever we are facing potentially dangerous circumstances our subconscious part of our mind comes into play. It automatically emits signals to warn you of the danger and tries to persuade you to either prepare to fight or prepare to escape. People who suffer a real fear of flying have let their subconscious take over with the outcome being a terrifying fear.

But, with Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy this overwhelming fear can be eliminated, leaving you free to enjoy family holidays abroad, and able to attend important business meetings overseas.


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