Hypnotherapy to control Stuttering and Stammering, Blushing, Nervous Twitches or Tics, and Nail Biting

NailsStuttering and Stammering, Blushing, Nervous Twitches or Tics, and Nail Biting can all be treated using Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. Plus, the Hypnotherapy process used to treat those conditions is relaxing and actually quite enjoyable.

I gently place my clients in to a hypnotic state, and once the state is reached I communicate with the subconscious mind to erase the need and causes of your particular nervous reaction.

It is a very simple process. I will undertake an initial consultation, which will take around an hour, when I will clearly explain how Hypnotherapy works and how Hypnotherapy is used to treat your condition. I will also quiz you to find out a little more about your condition so I have a full understanding of it so I can treat I accordingly.

If you wish for me to treat your condition I will create a bespoke course of treatment designed around your needs, book it in as soon as possible so we can work on the issues, plus supply you with a CD to help you along.


Stuttering and Stammering

Stuttering / stammering are common speech disorders where the sufferer involuntary repeats parts or sections of words, or even phrases, or prolonged periods of silence where the next word becomes ‘trapped’. Certain circumstances can make the problem intensify – such as talking on the telephone, or speaking to strangers – but it all depends upon how anxious you are in any given circumstance.

Although the sufferer has the ability to formulate any word he or she wishes, and the sufferer will not have a low self-esteem initially, after time the condition can quickly make the person suffer greatly in terms of their emotional state of mind.

A short course of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy will help the sufferer relax, will help treat the condition effectively and allow you to beat the problem and live a normal life once more.



Under normal circumstances, blushing is caused by embarrassment, shame, guilt or nervousness – it’s completely natural and involuntary. But, those who blush regularly may suffer an associated fear and paranoia that actually exacerbates the problem causing even more or prolonged blushing.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is extremely successful in treating this condition allowing you to control your blushing consciously and unconsciously. You will be able to replace any fearful thoughts that are normally associated with blushing with calm and relaxed thoughts.


Nervous Twitches, Motor Tics or Phonic Tics

Motor Tics and Nervous Twitches are brief and sudden and involuntary movements of a specific part of the body. It could be your head/neck that suddenly and repeatedly jerks to one side. It may be your eyelids that blink excessively. It may be your shoulders that twitch regularly. But the most common Motor Tics are hand claps, face scrunching/grimaces, mouth stretching, and swift leg/arm/head movements.

Phonic Tics are audible nervous responses such as sniffing, grunts, coughs or throat clearing.

Whatever your type of Tic or Twitch, I can help using Solution Focused Hypnotherapy to gently alleviate the problem, help you to become more relaxed at all times and give you back your confidence once more, allowing you to live a normal life again.


Nail Biting

We all know what Nail Biting is! But when it becomes an obsession where the nails are constantly bitten on a daily, sometimes hourly basis, it can become a serious problem that can be painful. It can also lead to complexes where the sufferer worries that other people are aware of the problem, and in turn they become conscious of it.

Nail Biting can easily be treated using Solution Focused Hypnotherapy to alter the way your subconscious mind works, allowing you to stop the habit completely.


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