Hypnotherapy to Help Children

ChildHypnotherapy can be used in a multitude of ways to help children with all manner of problems/issues. Whatever the problem may be, if you’ve tried to rectify it yourself, and have consulted your GP and not had the result you were hoping for, Hypnotherapy may well be the solution.

It is an extremely effective way to help children with all manner of problems, such as: Bedwetting and soiling, phobias and fears, examination stress and improving education, stuttering/stammering, low self-esteem/confidence, anger, thumb sucking, hair pulling and nightmares/terrors.


What Hypnotherapy for Children can do…

The great news is, children are very easily Hypnotised and therefore they react very positively to treatment. And, as children are hungry to learn, eager to discover and experience new challenges they are only too happy to try Hypnotherapy.

As children haven’t suffered years of peer pressure and propaganda they are very willing to accept ideas put forward during Hypnosis, plus they have the ability to change their ways very easily too. Also, children haven’t preconceptions regarding Hypnotherapy either, like adults sometimes have.

Obviously parents/guardians are able to attend the course with their children and, depending upon the age of their child, may want to remain with their child during the Solution Focused Hypnotherapy session. I have been CRB and DBS checked for your peace of mind.

Regarding the benefits of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy for children, they are equal to that of adults. It really is an incredibly powerful tool that can definitely empower a child, giving far more confidence than ever before. This confidence won’t cause big-headedness and an enlarged ego – it’s more a case of providing the child with the confidence to tackle new experiences and challenges, and to use their natural skills to their best. And, to top it all, your child will be a lot happier and contented, enjoying life to the full once more.


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