Hypnotherapy to help Sport and Fitness

SportIf you’re looking to raise your game, hit personal training targets or try to overcome mental issues that are holding your sporting achievements back, focused hypnotherapy can certainly help. Top-flight athletes, world champions and the next generation of our sporting heroes have and are using Solution Focused Hypnotherapy to ensure they are always at the top of their game.

Experts have found Solution Focused Hypnotherapy to help athletes in four ways: increased motivation, increased confidence, better visualisation and increased focus.


Motivation and confidence

You will see a noticeable reduction in pre-competition nerves and experience a far more positive outlook upon your performance and your progress. Any negative feelings and doubts will decrease leaving you feeling as though you can go that little bit extra the next time you’re on the track or field, or in training.



The finest athletes and sports people always mentally visualise their next move, their next competition or their next event. They run through it all in their head to focus completely on the task. Having a course of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy will allow you to focus better, and focus on all the positives rather than allowing negatives to come into play and affect your performance.



I can ensure that you will be able to focus completely on your game, blocking out any audible or visual distractions, allowing you to completely channel 100% concentration into your event or training programme.


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