Hypnotherapy to Help Treat Tinnitus

TinnitusAlthough Tinnitus is an ear/hearing affliction where people of any age suffer a continual ringing sensation/sound, it is possible to control how much of the sound you actually hear.

Tinnitus can be brought about by excessive noise that damages the ultra-sensitive nerves within the ear, or it can come about through old age when these nerves lose their sensitivity. However it is caused, tinnitus is an extremely annoying problem for many thousands of us. But, it can also be brought on by an infection or increase of ear wax, so do please see your GP first as the solution may be a simple prescription.

People have noted that increase in stress does lead to more prolonged periods of tinnitus. They notice the noise increase in volume and tend to concentrate on it more, causing excessive irritability and lack of motivation.

But having Solution Focussed Hynotherapy we can provide help that will enable you to block out the humming, high/low pitch noise and allow you to gain control of the situation quickly and easily. We will teach you how to tune out the sound or even alter the sound to a lower pitch or even the type of noise.

You will be taught how to self-treat your tinnitus, allowing you to control the problem at any time you require, plus we can also concentrate on alleviating stress too, which will help prevent your tinnitus getting any worse.


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