Hypnotherapy to help with Driving Test, Exam Nerves And Public Speaking

LearnerExamination and test stress and worry

Everyone feels nervous before their driving test or examination. So much rides upon the result, so obviously the pressure is on. Some people have a few jitters beforehand, but some people worry for days if not weeks before they are due to be tested.

Those who suffer with worry for a long time can find that their results are affected too and ultimately they do not achieve the result they ought to. The worry can also affect revision beforehand, and that doesn’t help in the slightest!

But, with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy you will be able to calm your nerves and be able to let go of all those worries allowing you to prepare effectively for any test.

works with the subconscious to build a more favourable outlook upon exams and learning. You will no longer concentrate upon the negative side of exams, but instead you will actually relish the challenge, approaching them in a more controlled, relaxed way. And, in turn, your results will undoubtedly reflect your true potential.


Public Speaking worries

If your job entails standing in front of multitudes of people and speaking, and you become extremely nervous beforehand and during your speech I could help.

Normally the worries associated with public speaking involve suffering a faster-than-normal heart beat, sweating, visible shakes, a dry mouth and sudden loss of thought.

I offer a specially designed course that is tailored to specifically help those people who struggle with speaking in public. In this course I will explain why your subconscious places fearful and worrisome thoughts in your mind before you set foot on the podium. Then I go on to show how you can easily reduce fear and anxiety, how to revel in public speaking, how you should create a more organized environment and how to create a rolling speech that’s not littered with hesitations, pauses and ‘erms’. And finally the Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy will gradually remove previous memories of failures and past public speaking problems.


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