Hypnotherapy To Lose Weight and Control Eating Disorders

Weight lossIf you are struggling to lose weight or control an eating disorder, the solution may not be as simple as joining a slimming club. Often the answer to either of those two problems is to combat the underlying route of the problem.

I offer Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy sessions that are designed to seek out the reason why you cannot control your eating urges, or to knock down the barriers that are preventing you reaching the lower weight you have always dreamed of.

Many of my previous clients have successfully achieved a better lifestyle after their negative thinking and the burden of habitual eating has been broken through the use of targeted Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy.

Some sufferers of either problem find themselves locked within a never-ending circle of misery, where an eating binge leads to weight gain, which leads to unhappiness and guilt, which leads to comfort eating, which leads to weight gain, and so on.

I can help you beat that, and more. I can help you become the person you’re striving to be. I can stop you feeling miserable about yourself, and give you the confidence to go ahead and tackle the problem effortlessly.

Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy to control weight or an eating disorder will provide you with a safety net that catches any destructive habits and prevents you entering old routines of opening the larder or fridge door just for the sake of it. I will make sure that you are aware, that you are alert and that the mental and conscious alarm goes off in time to prevent the cycle of misery starting again.

In return you will be placed upon the right track to achieve your desired weight, and combat your eating disorder, you will ooze confidence, your thinking will become more focused and you will enjoy a far superior way of life.


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