Hypnotherapy to Tackle Depression

DepressionDepression is an extremely common psychological problem nowadays with millions of people suffering the often devastating symptoms – symptoms that can lead to unemployment, relationship breakdown, substance misuse and even suicidal thoughts if left untreated.

Spotting the early warning signs of depression is quite difficult because it is a slow, progressive illness that gradually builds up over time, but then the symptoms are easily recognisable.

Early signs of depression are as follows…

  • Loss of energy and concentration
  • Difficulty thinking straight
  • Thinking excessive negative thoughts
  • Disturbed sleep patterns
  • Feeling fearful of everyday situations
  • Feeling down, tearful and negative
  • Losing interest in usual pastimes, sports and hobbies
  • Drastic weight gain or weight loss

As depression gradually builds up, most people do not know they are suffering it. But when the symptoms get a hold, people who are suffering with depression often feel they are trapped in an ever-revolving circle of misery from which there seems no escape.

When depression does gain a firm hold you will find that you withdraw almost totally from everyday life, friends, even loved ones to lead a near dysfunctional life.

Some people resort to substance abuse, either alcohol or drugs (prescription or otherwise) to break the monotony of everyday life, but this often makes matters worse.

But the best way to treat depression is to target the reasoning behind it. To find the inner cause that has made the situation so bad. And the good news is, depression is an easily treatable condition using Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy. In fact, using hypnotherapy is often more effective than relying upon prescribed medication, resulting in far fewer relapses. And the reasoning is because the source of the problem has been worked upon, and not masked by drugs.


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