Hypnotherapy to treat Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD

OCDIf you suffer from repetitive behaviours or thoughts which are or may potentially affect your everyday life, I may well be able to help.

There are a multitude of symptoms that sufferers of Obsessive Compulsive Order display, all of which can be treated using a short course of Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy. Most sufferers realise they have the condition and recognise the symptoms as being ‘different from the norm’ or irrational, and once they do realise this fact they may become distressed. So, it’s best to combat it as soon as possible as it may escalate and make life a misery.

OCD is basically an anxiety disorder with the main symptoms being either thought based – where the thoughts you receive make you feel uncomfortable, uneasy, fearful or worried – and repetitive actions/behaviours that you think help reduce the associated anxiety.

You may wash or clean yourself or your belongings to excessive levels, hoard and collect items, check objects repeatedly such as locks or switches, have excessive sexual, religious or violent thoughts, or maybe have to touch an object a certain number of times. Whatever your problem may be, a course of Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy designed to suit your needs will help you come to terms with the situation, to slowly break free and live a normal life once more.


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