Hypnotherapy to treat Panic Attacks

Panic attackPanic attacks are terrible things to suffer that can, if left untreated, lead to extremely serious conditions such as agoraphobia developing, where you become too scared to step outside your own house.

There are many symptoms of panic attacks: from hot or cold sweats, increased heart rates to the point where you may think you are having a heart attack, stomach churning which may trigger vomiting, through to an overriding feeling of utter fear.

Panic attacks are brought about when your anxiety levels are slowly raised to such a level that your mind has to defend itself by triggering a response – either fight, flight or freeze.

And because panic attacks develop slowly, the sufferer often cannot pinpoint exactly what has caused or created them. Unfortunately, even if the panic attack seems to have subsided, it can take the tiniest of triggers – be it a sound, taste, feeling or sight – to instantly kick-start the panic attack again, and even worse this time.

Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy can help as it can be used to locate the hidden problem that sits within your subconscious.


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