Genuine feedback from past clients…


“Three years ago I went through a really bad patch and felt lost – lost from myself and my purpose in life. I used to be so confident and outgoing and found I now lived within myself and built up a lot of depression and anxiety to the point of not wanting to go out.

A friend advised me to see Jason. At first I thought about it as I’d tried so many things to ‘cure’ myself and nothing had worked, but thought what have I got to lose?

I loved how much time he had to listen to me and understood how I was truly feeling. From our first session I completely felt at ease and very relaxed and comfortable.

I can say it’s the best move I made – I feel I’ve found myself again and I am now able to continue my life in confidence and happiness.

He helped me change my way of thinking to a more positive way and helped me be who I am today.

It’s so nice to laugh along with everything now instead of going into my overwhelming bubble and I’m very grateful for all the help I’ve received from Jason as I never thought it was possible to feel how I do today. Thank you.”




“For the majority of my life I have suffered with high blood pressure. Doctors were worried as it was so high and struggled to lower it, which ultimately resulted in anxiety and depression.

I heard about Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy through a friend who highly recommended Jason.

After just 4-5 sessions we noticed the difference in my blood pressure – it was considerably lower, giving a normal reading. I was starting to feel less anxious and my depression was lifting.

While I was having my hypnotherapy I mentioned that I am very nervous driving on my own and on motorways due to an accident with a lorry where I came close to losing my life.

It was then Jason advised he could help me. I had three sessions for my phobia and I now feel I drive with confidence and ease.

I finally feel now I am in control and can live the rest of my life to the full. I really do owe all of this to Jason.”




“For most of my life I had been overweight and had tried so many diets, but nothing had ever worked. I was starting to feel low and had no self-esteem.

I saw Jason’s web page and read that he was highly recommended. I was very nervous and didn’t hold much hope as nothing had worked in the past, but when I first met Jason he was lovely.

After just few sessions people were starting to notice a difference; not only in my weight, but also in myself.

After working closely with Jason I began to lose the weight. I am now one stone lighter and much happier in myself.

I really do feel like a new person and I finally have my confidence back.”




“Always worrying what people thought of me and always trying to please others. Feeling constantly agitated and trying to mask my anxiety was normal to me that was my life. This is who I am

After having Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy, and even after a few sessions, I feel like a new person. I don’t dread each day any more. Each day is positive from start to finish. No more masking my anxiety, but beating it. I now have my life back as it should be.”




“Constantly feeling down and sick to my stomach with worry, always doubting myself and seeing the worst in everything felt normal to me. I had no self belief at all.

After receiving Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy that all changed. I became confident and not afraid of new challenges, instead of seeing the worst in everything I began to look at situations differently.

I finally found my voice again.”



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